Tips to make the best pasta at your restaurant

Pasta is one of the famous dishes available from Italian cuisine. It is also easy to prepare and apart from restaurants, even households love to prepare this dish. Some people will just boil the pasta; add sauce from a jar, which has already been pre heated and then voila! There you have it! An amazing bowl of pasta!

But many people do not realise that paying attention to details and going a little bit further when making your pasta will make the pasta taste and even look like a restaurant served dish. If you are planning on opening up a pasta restaurant Singapore based soon, then here are a few tips to help you ensure that you have the best to serve.

The sauce

Making your sauce is the best rather than going for the hack which is using a pre-made sauce which can be found in a jar at the supermarket. If you want to make the easiest sauce, then all you need is some olive oil, garlic, basil, plum tomatoes and just let it cook for ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure that the sauce is cooked in a skillet.

Potato masher

When you need to break down the plum tomatoes all you have to do is use potato masher, which will ensure that there is consistency in the sauce and the flavour will be floating in your mouth.

Amount of water

The amount of water that you will use is critical. When you use very little water then this will cause the pasta to clump together when cooking. It is recommended for one pound of pasta to have six quarts of water being used to cook it.

Olive oil

Many people think that adding olive oil will prevent the pasta from clumping together. According to a few famous chefs, when pasta is cooked well it will not clump. When you add olive oil to the pasta when you are boiling it makes it not blend well with the sauce.


You need to bring the flavour of pasta and adding salt can do that. The water should taste like the sea so that the flavour will be dancing on your tongue.

Adding a bit of sugar (pinch!) is a great way to bring in more flavour of the dish. The acidity will be toned down by the sugar.


When boiling the water you need to let the water boil, shut the heat let the pasta swim, cover the pot and wait for eight minutes. This is a great way to get short cuts of pasta to cook quickly. This will help you save energy too.

Do not forget to keep the dish’s décor as minimum, clean and artistic as possible.

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