Romantic Things To Do During Your Getaway To Sabah-Malaysia

Whether it’s a honeymoon or a simple getaway from the busy life, Sabah is perfect for all romantics! Here’s why.


The Long Walks And The Deep Talks

Let’s face it, now that the two of you have had your special day, and the chaos of the “big day” is over with, you are more than ready for a bit of relaxation. It also goes without saying that once you get back home, normality will have to resume, which means you are going to get sucked into the day-to-day schedules pretty soon. Take advantage of your honeymoon to put a pause on your clock. Indulge in long and slow walks up and down the many beaches of Sabah. Start your day early; waking up before the birds so you may enjoy the birth of the sun. Remember that moments like these are meant to be soaked into your soul¾so leave your phones and cameras back in your room.

Getting Lost In The Beauty Of Wildlife

Nature has a beautiful way of making us feel connected; both to it and to each other. If you and your spouse are up for it, consider taking one of the breathtaking Sabah wildlife tours that will do just that for you. if orangutans and trekking through jungles is not your kind of thing, you can still connect to the nature by spending a day with the turtles. Remember, some of these tours are pretty popular, and the headcount per tour may be limited. Always try to reserve your place in it beforehand to avoid disappointing yourself on the day of your activity.


Regenerating Your Body And Soul

If you are like most others during the organizing of your wedding and the execution of it, then it goes without saying that your body might be tight with residual stress from it all. Give your body and soul a chance to unwind, so that you will return home feeling refreshed and regenerated. Opt to get yourself an in-resort or private massage, or spend a few hours in a spa. It pays to remember that most spas and massage parlors offer couples options; making it an activity you can enjoy with your spouse.


Dine Under The Stars Or While The Sun Lights The Water On Fire

There is something almost hypnotic about starlit night skies. Being under their light is definitely romantic; so do plan on making many uses of the night time during your honeymoon. Apart from the above mentioned long walks on the beach while letting your heart escape through your words, you can also dine out under them. Most beach hotels and resorts will be more than willing to do just so for you. In the event that you have other activities planned for your night time, you could also enjoy your coffee, or something much stronger, while the sun goes down for the day.

Explore The Deep Blue

Just like the vast skies, the deep seas too have something magical and romantic about them. This being said, you should definitely take the time to explore the seas by snorkeling during your honeymoon. Don’t worry that you are not a very good swimmer, experts will be able to guide you and keep you safe while you explore the seas with your loved one.

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