It is not a standard to go standard!

Any event should have a new thing in it. Because, being all the same all the time is boring, and it is no longer tolerable. As long as networking events are considered, there are lot more things that a host could add color and glamour from. The venue is one such thing. You can network at an outdoor event as well, and may be due to natural winds and natural ambience, the networking becomes much more meaningful and effective than when that’s happened inside 04 big walls and a roof- being caged.

On the other hand, you don’t always need to go for classical English songs that we always hear at events to create the ambience. Go for something different, and guess what, the guests will love it. Go for some uncommon folk music style that they might have never heard before. Let the guests experience the unique dressing patterns of the singers and players, and the unique rhythms in their music. For a change, let the guests sing along in the way they can, and let the guests dance to the strange rhythms and have a wonderful experience. After all, an event should add a life time experience to any guest. An event should be memorable, and following the standards will not do this for you.

This is the same scenario in selecting the food menus as well. Who said you should always go for plated meals if that is a corporate networking event? You think that is the standard that every event should follow? No- we challenge you to break the rules. Go for a buffet meal and that will entertain the guests much more and then, may add a cost saving too. Get the buffet meals catered for your event from a trusted place which is loved by all in the town, and hand over the rest of it to them. All you need to do is to browse and look for the best buffet options that they have done for their clients, and most importantly the reviews about them. Then it is a matter of contacting them, and telling what you exactly need at your event. They shall help you out!

Generally, having a buffet meal for your event is less costly. Unlike the plated option, you don’t need many servers, and as the guests are having more control over what they want to have in their plates, and what they do not, the food wastage is minimal. The saving happens then from the service as well as food. Also, in this option, the networking chances are more among the guests and the flexibility is also high.

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