How to Choose the Right Menu for Business Events

If you’re organizing a business or corporate event and are planning on serving food at it, then here’s what you should keep in mind.

Remember; it’s Not a Meal

Unlike a dinner party, in which guests come specifically prepared to feast on a large meal, corporate party or business party meals are more for giving you a moment to socialize, take a break from the heavy decisions as well as giving yourself a moment to reenergize your body. In this case, finger foods work particularly great, as they can be presented elegantly and appetizingly.  The greatest part is that now you have many options for in home finger food catering in Christchurch, which means you should not have an issue with the next tip at all.

Select the Right Caterer

This is one thing that is absolute when it comes to the food for your event. Choose a catering service that is friendly and flexible. You should be able to communicate with them with ease. Remember that organizing an event, regardless of whether its small scale or large scale, can be quite stressful. The last thing you want is for your food service to stress you out. Be very clear about your instructions, and make sure there is no space for any miscommunication or misunderstanding. If required, and if you are opting for a tailor-made menu, then print out what your requirements are to eliminate any confusion. Make sure that their serving is of top quality as well.

Select Your Food Keeping the Amount of Guess in Mind

Always keep the number of people attending your event when organizing any part of your event. But it is particularly important to keep in mind when dealing with the food. This not only helps you select the appropriate menu, but to also make sure you can make your food budget right. Remember that the more people there are to cater to, the less expensive and exotic ingredients you can use; unless you want to pay a great deal for just the food.

Keep the Common Dietary Requirements in Mind

Most people have special dietary requirements; especially nowadays, when people seem to think having certain dietary restrictions are fancy. However, some dietary requirements are more than just a fad. It’s about health restrictions and sometimes even about religious beliefs. Vegetarian options, halal meat options, non-dairy options¾these are a few dietary requirements that you should consider. Of course, it depends entirely on the group you are catering to.

Select Foods That Can Be Feasted With the Eyes More than the Nose

It’s a popular belief that food needs to be enjoyed and feasted through the eyes and the nose before being devoured by the mouth. However, when it comes to food that is meant for corporate and business events, it’s best if the nose is less engaged. This is especially true if you plan on serving your food in the same area as your conference or event. This will avoid the pre-meal distractions, as well as make sure the food smell doesn’t linger for a long time after your food has been cleared and you commence with the rest of your event.

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