Good food! Good company!

Just the other day I saw something that said that we lie to our parents to go out to hang out with friends when we are younger and then lie to our friends to stay back home on a holiday as we mature. This is so true for me and it got me thinking…

As we grow olderwe tend to want to hang out with friendsinthe comfort of our home and not in any pub or club. But that arrangement comes with its own set of challenges too. Most part of the problem about entertaining at home stems from deciding on the food and beverages. Something that is of utmost importance but also something we quite often don’t have the time to co-ordinate because of our busy schedules and commitments.

 Having friends, peers and family over cannot be taken lightly. It would be disrespectful of us to not put the effort to make them feel welcome and appreciative of their presence. Finding the best to serve to your guests would have beena real challenge a few years ago but today if you have the financials, literally everything varying fromliquor that accommodates a vast paste palate to the complimenting snacks are available well within your local community as well as in many online platforms.

There are many gourmet F& B specialists who have dedicated themselves to in Italian wine Singapore. Those who know will know that wine is a subject as long as long can be and someone who really knows their wine will also know that wine alone will not cut the deal. For the complete experience, there really has to be a platter of the ever so poplar Italian delicacies that enhance the flavours of the wine. Classics such as burrata cheese, truffles, Parma ham, fresh pasta and olives will ensure that the night is long and smooth leaving you with one less thing to worry about for the night.

 A complete range of spirits as well as complementing finger foods can be delivered fresh to your doorstep thanks to the amenities of modern marketing and convenient lifestyles. There is nothing more relaxing than sipping on a glass of wine with your significant other to wind up a week or hang out with the girls while he is out to watch a game. Either way wine works best in good company, likewise good company demands good wine to keep the spirits high.

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