Cooking Tips From Culinary Schools That You Can Try At Home

Many decided to go into culinary school instead of going to traditional college. However, culinary school is not for everyone. But you can learn great tips from different sources if you wish to improve your cooking. Now, here are some tips from culinary schools that you can try at home:

Add Salt for Bland Food

If the dish that you cook tastes bland, then it just need more salt on it. The tip on making the food flavorful is to add salt on it during the cooking process. Do this as well in the end. This is also what they do in cooking team building singapore.

Add Sugar on the Food

Apart from adding salt, you can also add some sugar depending on the recipe you are preparing. Sugar can enhance the flavor of the food. This is true for roasted beets, tomatoes, and carrots. Surely, sugar will play an important role in enhancing the flavors.

Cold Butter for Restaurant-Quality Sauces

Do you think about how restaurants make their sauces rich and shiny? This is through finishing it with cold butter before they serve them to their clients. Thus, the next time that you make your sauce, add cold butter on it. This will surely add some shine and make it rich.

Deglaze the Pan

You must not scrubbed the burnt parts of your hot pan. The brown bits that are stuck at the bottom makes the sauce flavorful. So instead of washing them on the drain, you can deglaze it with the use of wine.

Dry the Meats Before Cooking Them

Whether you sear the scallops or roast the chicken, you must dry them first. With this, you can have a crispy and golden skin that will not stick with the pain. You can pat them dry using paper towels. Also, let it air-dry in the cooler for a few hours before you cook it.

Toast the Spices and Nuts for Maximum Flavor

To take your cooking to the next level, you can toast the spices and the nuts. With this, it will bring out the flavor in your dish. For the spices, create quick toasting on the dry pan using low heat. You can also bloom them using the hot oil. For the nuts, toast them in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes before you cook it.

Add Acid for Flat Foods

A squeeze of lemon or other citrus food will add life to your food. Just like sugar and salt, the acid will balance the flavor of the meal and make the food stand out.

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